Sports systems are generally complex and relatively expensive projects to undertake. Facility owners now seek to lever additional value from their investment. The desgns of sports perimeters has therefore adopted a multi-functional theme where we design flexibility of use into our solutions.

Sports boundaries have consequently become stronger and more resilient. It is common to fit anti-tamper devices and increase the fence height so that the boundary doubles as a security perimeter. This duplicity of purpose has also been extended to the inner playing surface. Many 3G installations allow for cross-field playing, creating the need for lateral high impact zones.

Recent years has also seen the introduction of hybrid systems, providing low level steel impact areas and nylon netting catch zones . Urban installations have gone further and completely enclosed the playing surface with a netting ceiling.
Compliance with the Red Guide or Green Guide has now become of paramount importance. The safety of spectators and sports participants must be maintained through the correct specification of products and the appropriate risk assemment based selection of systems.

Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs) are very popular solutions for local parks. NK has standardised the system and provide a MUGA kit for installation inconjuctions with sports surface providers - a new take on Plug & Play!
It is great to see innovative products and inspiring facilities introduced within our communities. NK is really proud to play our part in the development of these fantastic venues for generations to come.