NK's expertise in security installations

We have undertaken a wide variety of interesting schemes involving perimeter security and access control of both prestigious and sensitive sites. High security sites invariably require complex security arrangements, which has given NK the opportunity to demonstrate our project management and system integration skills.

The key to any successful implementation of perimeter security is to understand the basic security principles apply to any site or customer, from local car show room through to a nuclear installation. This can be simply summarised with the 5 D's of perimeter security.

Demarcate - Deter - Detect - Disrupt - Defend

Threat assessment and the correct application of a wide range of security measures forms the basis of NK’s approach to client engagement. Our specialist teams will survey sites and discuss requirements with the client or their representatives. The key success factors involve blending effective security with integrated control while maintaining aesthetics and incorporating environmental considerations.

Security fencing offers a simple countermeasure to the perceived threat. System selection is entirely based on the level of security required and the intended purpose of perimeter. The simplest need is that of demarcation which effectively marks out and establishes boundaries of trespass. Deterrance is offered through the physical fence line and perceived difficulty in breaching. This can be achieved by using low cost fake monitoring devices combined with increasing the height of the fence. Detection is derived from passive monitoring systems, cameras & alarms, thus making a fence a large movement detector. Disruption is effectively inhibiting the process of breaching a fence, by increasing wire density, wire thickness, use of anti-tamper fittings and augmenting the fence line with anti-vandal fixtures (impalement or slip). Defending a perimeter involves specifiying the manner of fence installation (burried fencelines, concrete plinths). This is often matched with performance certification and testing.
NK is a fully accredited Secured by Design company and LPS1175 approved.