Safety first - always...

Playground fencing and gates must be designed and maufactured to high performance standards, taking due consideration of the enhanced risk associated with unsupervised children at play. NK Parks & Playground systems have been developed with a safety first philosophy.

Our bar railings comply to minimum gap standards to reduce entrappment hazards.

The quality surface finish is maintained through detailed fettling & automated polyester powder coating facilities with pre-treatment processes.

Our NK Safety Gates offer a nip free access control solution, while emdedding the closing device within the gate post, thus reducing the risk of damage through vandalism.

We also offer our full product range as available in any colour you like - which has proved very popular in our muli-coloured playparks. NK Safetop has also been developed to offer a wire mesh based alternative to low level perimeter fencing. The Safetop product features an inward facing fold top and bottom, thereby eliminating any impalement risks assocated with narrow diameter wire products.

Safety in design & manufacturing is in itself not enough. The correct installation of gates & barriers is therefore of paramount importance. We offer a full installation service for all of our product range - making sure the solution not only looks good, but performs as intended. NK continues to develop this product range and welcomes a collaborative approach with Local Councils, Parks Authorities & playground contractors.